About Us

May 6, 2016

Talento Consulting is a Skill Development Company providing end to end solutions to improve productivity for businesses and enhance employability. Our model is based on the addressing the needs of the Industry and is therefore focused on making students work ready. We also work extensively with other key stakeholders – Government (Central and State), Private Companies (funder and employers), Foundations, International Bodies, Trainees and Parents – creating a vibrant mix of programmes with a singular objective of matching youth to jobs or self employment opportunities.

Customized Content Development is our forte, having helped create such content for clients across industries and business verticals. Our in-house team consists of subject matter experts in the area of content development, consistently delivering high-impact content for various subjects and fields.

We have developed content for over 50 job roles across eight sectors. Our deliverables on content include Manuals for the trainers and participants, PowerPoint presentations, Audio files, Class cards, and different kinds of multi-media content. 

Several institutes, training companies, and NGOs provide training to the youth and unemployed, helping them to gain or ramp up their skills. With our connections, we assist organisations to secure jobs for these trained people across different industries and job levels.