Skill Gap Studies and National Occupational Standards

September 14, 2016

Skill gap is a problem facing the economic/industrial set-up in India– almost half of the employers across the nation are unable to find the right skills and talent for the job available in their companies. We at Talento Consulting help companies to identify the skills and competencies required for the jobs available, assess the talent they currently have, identify the high performers, assess training needs, and help companies measure the results against the training and skill development provided.


Over time, we have explored several aspects in the leadership, technical, and soft skills, realms to uncover the gaps that exist, and help companies to bridge the gap through proper skills development training and help them find people with skills the company needs but does not have.

Talento Consulting identifies these skill gaps based on the National Occupational Standards (NOS) that lay down certain standards of performance, knowledge, and skills quintessential to a particular job. We help companies and their employees understand the ‘standards’ of effective performance and the skills required to overcome any gaps.