Company Profile

At Talento, we strive to facilitate a technology-driven platform to assess, train and test skills and core competencies among entry-level workers and experienced professionals. India, expected to become the world’s largest workforce by 2022, is still looking for integrated learning and training modules which are based on industry inputs and ground realities. In a country where only 4.69% of the workforce is formally assessed and trained, we aim to enhance the skills of 400 million workers by 2022.

The scope of our work is spread across over 10 sectors and more than 50 lakh candidates who depend on our 1 lakh+ assessments and 80+ learning modules. With our repository of 100+ skill development books, we are one of the first organisations to create content exclusively for skill development and training. Our pre-assessment, training modules and post-assessment solutions make us the only/first company in the industry to become a one-stop-shop for skill gauging and enhancement.

We are fortunate to count among our clients central and state ministries, international bodies, sector skills councils along with leaders of industry, training providers, educational institutions and corporate training divisions.

Flow of assessment design and methodology

Our work focuses on skill-based evaluation of candidates through integrated assessments created by seasoned subject matter experts (SMEs). Once gauged, these skills are mapped to precise training modules in order to address precise areas of improvement.

According to our project plan, we can assure a launch time merely 12 weeks from the procurement of the requirement. We have designed a six-phase process that includes requirement elicitation, assessment design and blueprint along with content creation, assessment and report creation and quality check which enables us to launch and go live in only three months. This process provides content, assessments, reports, learning modules and predictive validation that proves elemental in skill enhancement.

Head Office: 1/22 Second Floor, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi-110002


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