Assessment and Learning outcome details

Cognitive Assessments

Backed by extensive research, cognitive assessments aim to appraise invaluable areas of brain function. These assessments are meant to evaluate how effectively one can process, retain and implement new data.

Psychometric Assessments

The purpose of psychometric assessments is to gauge an individual’s mental competency and behavioural patterns in accordance with their suitability for a particular job role. These assessments allow us to not only identify the skills and intelligence of an individual but also his/her personality.

Skill-based Assessments

Created on the foundational concepts of Bloom's taxonomy, skill-based assessments allow us to calibrate knowledge, skills and core competencies with respect to domain-related specifications. These evaluations are also combined to accurately assess the collective productivity of the workforce.

Smooth functioning of any organisation is the sum total of employees with different skills working towards the same goal. It is therefore important to focus on an individual’s core competencies and strengthen them even further.

These assessments can further be designed in the following forms:


Reliable, easy to deconstruct and to the point, objective-based assessments allow us to to successfully test the skills of an individual with respect to a particular job, role, or level.


Subjective-based assessments are backed by thorough research and allow us to obtain an elaborate understanding of an individual’s capabilities.


In this push-button age, recruitment for a number of job roles require on-the-job evaluations. Simulator-based assessments are the key to assessing one’s core capabilities, keeping in mind the environment, pace and conditions workers in that particular job role are subjected to.

In addition, we can also categorise the assessments into:

Role-based assessments

The objective of role-based assessments is to effectively identify the eligibility of candidates with respect to the specific roles for which they are to be recruited.

Level-based assessments

We understand the importance of an employers’ requirement for level-based recruitment and our assessments designed by seasoned subject matter experts aim to accurately gauge individuals on the basis of these factors

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